Re: Planetarium software recommendation (windows)

Ron Kramer

I've tried most all the above.  (cartes? poor graphically) SkySafari? Better but not really showing what I want to see as far as nebula details I'm targeting.  Stellarium? (decent for the price (free). A bit cumbersome with its separate scope interface. 
I to have the Mach1. Being retired, I have had time to try them all. All worked, but nothing really the way I dreamed it to work. 

Welcome  WORLDWIDE TELESCOPE!   (FREE)  it's a online browser planetarium program. (kinda neat, but limited) but a few months ago I stumbled onto a windows download client of  WWT! (WorldWide Telescope).

I now use it exclusively. I run it in a window along side my other coveted software (SGP, PHD2, APCC etc). 

What I like?  It shows ALL nebula/sky detail.  So - if you go to say the Pelican nebula. You will see it. ALL PARTS OF IT.  I can click on any detail/part of it and  "goto that specific detail".   Where as Sky Safari showed a "outline of the area".   This way I can see my target before I point at it... I can click in any area of the target to center there.   Scope control is built in, just set it and connect it.  (in the download client version only - not in the browser version).

I also like that I can ROTATE/ORIENT  ANY WAY - my view. This means I can orient the view to that of my camera.  When working around M42, I clicked on various areas (running man, horse head, etc) to center on those actual targets.  When I then shoot a sub I can compare and look for details in my sub.  I'll attach a image that shows my display.  The color photo is WWT display. The mono image under it is MY CAPTURE of that area of the nebula.   There is no comparison to any of the other programs above.  Yet I don't know of anyone else using this. 

For more info contact me... My obsey page -

A pic using WWT (color image) my sub if same area below.

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I use Cartes du Ciel at the computer and Luminos from my iPhone or iPad connected wireless to the GTOCP4.   

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