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If you plan to use either computer or HC or both, then I suggest to set the Keypad to EXT. If you don't use the computer and HC is set to EXT, simply press HC's MENU button to use HC to initialize the mount. EXT setting will not prevent from using HC without the computer.

I would start from scratch and treat your mount as if you use it for the first time and follow my instructions. Once all relevant data are entered and set, then you should be fine from then on.


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Thanks Peter,

As I just replied to Rolando, I've just been checking the Keypad settings - mine was set to "YES", so I'm wondering if I should change that to "EXT".



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I think people from Astro-Physics will have very limited access to the internet because they may be at the big astronomy show this week.

Anyway, read the Keypad manual at:
1 Contents About this mAnuAl 5 Gto KeypAd ContRolleR 6 layout and buttons of the Keypad 6 Vacuum Fluorescent display 6 n-s-e-W directional buttons 6

See page 15 about setting the Keypad to "EXT". It safely allows you to use both the computer and keypad at the same time (if that's what you wanted to do).

Also look at A-P V2 ASCOM driver manual at:

It will show you how to enter your local location data in A-P V2 ASCOM driver. Be sure to click on "SAVE" button after finishing entering necessary data. If you don't, it will use previously incorrect data.

After changing the Keypad setting to "EXT", turn off the mount, wait for 15 seconds, turn on the mount. You will see on the hand controller displaying something like it's waiting for the computer to connect to CP3/4 box of your mount. After starting the ASCOM client software like PHD2, the Keypad will switch to main menu display indicating the CP3/4 got initialized by your computer.

The following is a one time operation. Then do 'Get Time/Loc from Mount' which will load the same location data from A-P V2 ASCOM driver to your Keypad. Then you should save this location data in your Keypad (i.e Location <1-9>).

You should be set from then on and your mount should be properly initialized by computer or Keypad from now on until you go to a different site with different Long/Lat which you will have to change Location data.

Hope this is clear.


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I've noticed that the 'Mount Actual' Longtitude settings in the V2 driver are not correct and I don't know how to change it. I have entered the correct site settings in the V2 Driver and also set the same in the AP1200 HC, but that is not what I'm seeing in the driver, so where is it getting the wrong info from and how do I change it please? My actual longtitude is E01:06:13, but the V2 driver is reporting Mount Actual as E00:53:02. Not a big difference, but its wrong nevertheless....
Thanks in advance,


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