Re: GTO3600 runaway behavior

Roland Christen

If you want to control the mount with just the keypad, set it to YES. If you want the mount to start up with your computer driver, set the keypad to EXT.


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Thanks Rolando,
As suggested by Peter (pnagy), I just checked the Keypad start up setting which is set to "YES", so should I change that to "EXT"? I use the mount both via the Keypad for visual observing and via the laptop for imaging. I don't know if the Longitude has always been wrong or if it changed sometime (it is only a few miles out), as I only noticed yesterday which was the first time I used the rig since we entered Daylight Savings and I had some issues (user error probably) getting my mount time correct, so I was checking everything.


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I have forwarded your message to Howard@.... He can contact you today and help you with this problem. It might be a simple software bug that he can fix over the net.

Roland Christen
Astro-Physics Inc.

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AP V2 driver, latest version

After running our mount for an hour or so, it will suddenly "take off" when given a slew or jog command.  Repeated commands via software to stop or abort don't work.  Pressing STOP on the keypad pauses the motion for a half-second or so, but the mount then continues.  The only way we've been able to stop it is to cut mount power.  After start up, the mount is completely lost and tracks at a non-sidereal (and significantly faster) rate.

This has happened for three nights in a row: the mount works fine for an hour or so and then goes rogue.

Any help, ideas, test, etc., would be greatly appreciated!

Steve S.

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