Re: OT - Are most of the Yahoo Groups email systems Down ?

Joe Zeglinski

    The stuff that  gets put in our JUNK folder, is already “pre-screened” by our ISP’s word  search filters,  based on their “stored criteria”, and their software ADDS a flag onto our email if they think they find one that fits. They assume it is junk mail, but still MUST deliver it – even flagged – in case they were mistaken. Consider what would happen if the ISP’s junk definition file got erased, temporarily edited, or they reorganized their definition  criteria. My ISP is a Yahoo client, so they may even be simply passing on Yahoo’s  corporate opinion.
    One year, I was getting emails from a friend,  suddenly started being redirected to my JUNK folder, so I tested the system. I sent myself an email with something totally innocuous, just a few words, including “Hello”, and the returned email went to JUNK, as well.
    You also should check your folder of previously  “accumulated” junk email criteria. After all, email systems, like maybe one you use as a client email on your PC (e.g. Live Mail etc.), try to “learn” what YOU once considered to be “junk mail”, and adds that to the pile of other disposed of junk emails. Microsoft ‘s “LIVE MAIL” client program for instance, has a checkbox to move what “seems like” PHISHING emails, to your JUNK box. That is a user settable option on the PC. ISP’s do the initial discrimination of PHISHING, and they can be wrong. If your friend’s email, contains just one suspicious word from Yahoo’s (Gmail, etc.) collection, the email can get Junked.
    Sometimes this “Artificial Intelligence technology, refinement” ends up in confusion, due to too many criteria.
That is why we are always warned to check inside our Junk Folder, for missed important emails.
    For example, lets say that you received a perfectly good email, totally harmless, and because you didn’t feel like getting it, just clicked on it as JUNK email. It may have even been from your clergy, or the Church, even the Vatican if you please. Well its content gets added to your personal dictionary of what you considered as junk. Then, at some point, another perfectly innocent email arrives that just happens to have one identical word – maybe the word “GOD” -  based on your previously incorrectly classified trashed item. So, it gets called JUNK as well (by your own PC criteria sifter), and you lose that and other email. e.g. Somebody emails you with the term “OMG” Oh my God” , or they say something was “God-awful” – and you lose a friend's perfectly innocent note, entirely.
    You have to be careful about telling a computer WHAT you consider JUNK, since we set our own personal criteria, sometimes rather carelessly. Don’t trust, or even rely,  on a computer system to differentiate Junk for you – leave that to your own mind.
Good Systems often fail, as we have found,  even democratic ones.

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] OT - Are most of the Yahoo Groups email systems Down ?

For some reason I’m receiving the emails in the Junk Mail (not all). Don’t know criteria. Didn’t have any junk mail from the group before!

On Apr 3, 2018, at 7:45 PM, 'Joseph Zeglinski' J.Zeglinski@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

    Please excuse this Group’s test, but - Except for the AP-UG Group, I haven’t received any other YAHOO Group email downloads since before Easter.
For example, I’m not even seeing any email posts from AP-GTO Group, and I know they are prolific ... last one was March 31st.
    It’s like some kind of Internet nuclear winter. I belong to over a dozen Yahoo Groups, and there has never been such a problem with any of them until this weekend. Is Yahoo having yet another problem, or about to go under?
    My other (non-YAHOO) emails,  going & coming from everywhere else,   are just fine.
Wonder if this AP-GTO test email copy is returned to my INBOX.

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