Re: Can you guys be of some help on my FF

Harley Davidson


For some reason I never can receive your emails on my end. They just don't show up. Not sure why???

My friend just alerted me that you answered an issue I had with my 175 FF. I did not get the email so I was not aware you answered. Here is a copy of your answer to me from 03-24-18:

Sorry to answer so late. That is not fingerprints, it is actually a problem with the flat black paint on the inside of the barrel. We have changed the type of paint to prevent this. You will have to send the flattener back and I will clean it off for you.


I did not call your office and decided to wait for a response. Thought they would call me personally. Now that I see you told me to send it back raises an issue. I sent the FF back on Friday, 03-16-2018. I just checked and see that AP received my FF on Monday the 19th as per USPS Tracking:

March 19, 2018 at 2:34 pm
Delivered, Front Desk/Reception

Since you responded to my on the 24th can I assume you just did not know AP received it? I put RA4073 on the box and inside with my paperwork.

Questions Roland:
1---Does the FF need to be stripped and repainted internally to get rid of the bad paint to alleviate this problem in the future?
2---If it does not get repainted will this issue come back? What would stop it from returning down the road?
3---Does my 175 serial number 28 have this same paint internally?
4---Will my 175 have this issue?
5---What in the paint caused the issue? Outgassing?

Roland, if you could, please use Marj's email address to respond so I get you response on my end. I am in no hurry so take your time in fixing this for me.

Again, I thank you for your time and expertise in this matter.


On 3/14/2018 8:18 PM, Harley Davidson astrocnc@... [ap-gto] wrote:

I am sending George this link for his opinion but also thought some of
you may be of help.

"Astro Physics 175 refractor Field Flattener possible issue"

This is a field flattener for my 175 f/8 refractor. The FF has never
been used and has been in my home. In fact I never even put it on my
scope yet to see how it fits. I got it out as I want to start using it.
It appears to be on the very top of the glass and could be wiped right
off but don't want to do something I shouldn't. Actually looks like
finger print smudges???

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.


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