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Greg, thanks! This IS a good idea. My challenge alas is that I have my two rigs in one observatory and an underground conduit to a second observatory where two pals of mine have their rigs. They are connecting their IP controlled powerbars to the extender in my observatory. In addition, the Control-by-Web relay that opens/closes the dome needs a hard connection to the internet access point. All this comes into a hub in the dome then the single cable over to my shed. So, I have the one cable entering my shed from the dome they're in, then in my shed I have the same situation ... two IP controlled powerbars and the shed roof control-by-web rely. All need hard connections to the single access point.

When it was just me with the one set-up I was doing something much more like you but now things are "complicated".


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Stuart, may I suggest something totally different? I mount a headless computer inside a box on my scope's pier along with all the electronics needed. This keeps all the cables very short (especially those nasty USB cables). I then control that computer (which runs all the software taking images and controlling the scope and other hardware) from inside my house through TeamViewer. I've been doing this for 5 or 6 years without any problems both winter and summer. I did have a single ethernet cable running from the box to the house but have found it unnecessary. Not sure what problem your trying to solve, so this may not help but just in case...




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Hi again. Joe's suggestion was a good one. What I may in fact need vs.. what I said is an "industrial" grade range extender. Mine needs to have at least 4 ethernet ports on it. I am finding that all the ones I search for with the attribute "outdoor" are excellent at what they do but they are in weather-proof housings and only have power input. Mine will be in the shed protected from rain/snow but not cold/damp.


Mine needs a physical connection to my Control-by-Web relay for the roof and to my IP controlled powerbars. Alas, these devices are not wireless.


Any new thoughts based on this clarification?




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Hi Stuart,

There may be other more modern offers, but I have been quite pleased with my HAWKING model “HOWABN1” wireless N-Type comms, universal Hi Gain Repeater. It has huge “banana thick” perpendicular antenna sticks, and its “Cow Bell” rugged enclosure is suitable for your conditions. This product is meant as a universal repeater between buildings, and outdoor car lots.

Got mine over a decade ago, at Tiger Direct in GTA, before they downsized to the web.
It is limited to N-type 300 mbps comms – but that gives it more range.

Joe Z.

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