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If possible, I’d go with the more weather-protected ones.

I don’t know about your observatory, but mine has aluminum sides and roof – and it can get VERY humid inside. I’ve seen condensation dripping down the sides of mine. For that reason I now keep one or two chemical dehumidifiers inside to absorb as much moisture from the air as possible. But I keep seeing more and more of the steel screw-heads on my scope and electronics cases starting to rust.


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Hi again. Joe's suggestion was a good one. What I may in fact need vs. what I said is an "industrial" grade range extender. Mine needs to have at least 4 ethernet ports on it. I am finding that all the ones I search for with the attribute "outdoor" are excellent at what they do but they are in weather-proof housings and only have power input. Mine will be in the shed protected from rain/snow but not cold/damp.

Mine needs a physical connection to my Control-by-Web relay for the roof and to my IP controlled powerbars. Alas, these devices are not wireless.

Any new thoughts based on this clarification?


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Hi Stuart,

There may be other more modern offers, but I have been quite pleased with my HAWKING model “HOWABN1” wireless N-Type comms, universal Hi Gain Repeater. It has huge “banana thick” perpendicular antenna sticks, and its “Cow Bell” rugged enclosure is suitable for your conditions. This product is meant as a universal repeater between buildings, and outdoor car lots.

Got mine over a decade ago, at Tiger Direct in GTA, before they downsized to the web.
It is limited to N-type 300 mbps comms – but that gives it more range.

Joe Z.

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