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I suspect some of us are talking apples and oranges. Some people are confusing the HD 365 material with the light-weight Solar Mylar material. And one guy even mentioned Orion brand (gasp). So some people are probably confusing cheaper brands and materials with the genuine TG 365 stuff. And one guy even mentioned that his was too small. Well heck – they come in about a dozen sizes and at least two shapes. I can almost use my largest one as a tent to sleep under!

I’ve been buying and using the 365 covers starting probably 7 years ago and my first one is the same material and quality as the last one – excellent, top quality.


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What is the difference? The ones I have have a heavy cream colored exterior material and the silver reflective material on the inside. These are the ones advertised for 24/7 use for 5 years.....and that is how long I have had mine and they are like leak or degradation.

They also make a different version for light duty that has the silver material on the outside.

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