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After seeing the newer Telegizmos covers I plan to switch to the Orion. I have a friend that has one and I am impressed.


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I'm going to break rank and put in a recommendation for the Orion Scope Cloak cover. A friend recommended their product a few years back, and I've been quite happy.


I have one of the Telegizmos "standard cover" cloaks for mounted refractors (forget which size exactly). It was OK, but I found it to be too short, a bit flimsy and the material seems to have thinned over time. I only used it on a part-time basis, perhaps 20-30 days per year. One beef is the fact that it doesn't extend very far down the tripod, and didn't cover my marine batteries, cables, power strip, etc.


In contrast I find the Orion cloak to be very thick and durable, and it extends all the way to the ground, important if there ends up being a light rain, as the cloak fully covers all the electric gear sitting under the tripod. It also does better in high winds because of the longer length.


When I hold the Telegizmos up to the sun it is semi-transparent to the light. When I hold up the Orion material it is opaque.


Maybe I don't have a heavy-duty Telegizmos cover (?), but for future purchases I'll plan to stick with the Orion cloaks.

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