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You’re correct. You don’t have the heavy-duty Telegizmos 365 cover. You have the light-weight quilted silver Mylar Solar Cover. The 365 cover is quite a bit heavier – and designed and intended for continuous day/night, all-weather use.

In fact, the interior lining of the Telegizmos 365 is the same as their Solar cover. Then to that quilted silver Mylar cover (which becomes the inner liner), they sew on the super heavy duty cream colored coated Polyester outer cover.

The complete Telegizmos 365 cover is quite opaque. The 365 also comes with sewn-in Bungee cords and cord-locks, and an external Bungee cord with cord-lock to prevent it from flapping in high winds.

And there are many sizes and shapes of Telegizmos scope covers to fit most sizes and shapes of scopes and mounts.

Then there are their separate tripod covers which go to the ground. When you use both the tripod cover and properly sized and shaped scope cover, there’s at least a couple of feet of overlap between the two. The combination is quite a nice package.

These covers aren’t cheap. And they’re heavy and stiff. But they do appear to last forever – even out in the elements day and night.

But I do recommend putting a thick bath towel over the top of your scope to cover up sharp points and corners. The inner silver Mylar lining, it tough, but not tough enough for sharp points and corners during a wind storm.


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I'm going to break rank and put in a recommendation for the Orion Scope Cloak cover. A friend recommended their product a few years back, and I've been quite happy.

I have one of the Telegizmos "standard cover" cloaks for mounted refractors (forget which size exactly). It was OK, but I found it to be too short, a bit flimsy and the material seems to have thinned over time. I only used it on a part-time basis, perhaps 20-30 days per year. One beef is the fact that it doesn't extend very far down the tripod, and didn't cover my marine batteries, cables, power strip, etc.

In contrast I find the Orion cloak to be very thick and durable, and it extends all the way to the ground, important if there ends up being a light rain, as the cloak fully covers all the electric gear sitting under the tripod. It also does better in high winds because of the longer length.

Wh! en I hold the Telegizmos up to the sun it is semi-transparent to the light. When I hold up the Orion material it is opaque.

Maybe I don't have a heavy-duty Telegizmos cover (?), but for future purchases I'll plan to stick with the Orion cloaks.

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