Re: Will Trump's stupid tariffs affect price of A-P mounts?

Joe Zeglinski

Good point, Peter.
    Although I am not worried, as I already purchased a couple of wonderful AP mounts – they are mostly made from  “steel and aluminum” stock. The threat of loss of supply from Canada seems to have abated in recent NAFTA talks for now,  so the cost to manufacture an AP mount should not change at all from its present stable pricing.
    I was very surprised yesterday to learn on the news that a US made automobile, destined for sale in Canada, actually crosses the US/Canada border in Michigan, no less than  “5-times” during its manufacture – to get a body in Canada, then a transmission in the US, then back to Canada to something else, etc.
Steel (from our former Canada STELCO Steel company is now, for over a decade, actually USS – “US STEEL”, I believe),  and aluminum dependence is interwoven as well, so we can expect the next generation of AP mounts to remain affordable, without “sticker shock” – unless somebody sells AP, down the road. LED street lighting is likely a bigger threat to us, making the need for any mounts, moot.

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