Time Change...

Steve Reilly

So it finally cleared up at SRO last night and some images were taken, not the ones it thought it was taking but images none the less. Scratching my head this morning after my second cup of coffee and checking all my settings in ACP it finally dawned on me that these weren’t the settings causing the problem. ACP was taking the images, plate solving, and correcting as far as it knew however APCC’s setting of “Prevent Errant Recals” being checked prevented these corrections from being implemented. So a simple to me suggestion, hope, request, is that Ray could maybe implement an exception to this twice a year when the Daylight Savings Time dates occurred say if there is/was a boxed checked accordingly. I have no idea why my home observatory missed this issue but checking back there are no images found that aren’t centered properly. And both systems are set the same as far as Advanced Settings. I used to pay close attention to the time change since both mounts had hand controllers connected but they are both put away now and have been for some time (years).



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