PHD2 Dec Axis Issue?



My mount is an AP1100GTO and I am wondering if I may be developing a Dec issue with it. For the last year or so I have been using a C11 Edge for imaging (.28 image scale) along with PHD2 for guiding and have had no real issues. I would dither every frame (30 sec Lum) with a "Very High Dither" in SGP and again I had no issues. Normally my RA/Dec would be around .4" with the C11 while dithering every frame.

I just switched over to my SVQ100 (1.35 image scale) and while the guiding seems good when I am not dithering (RMS .3) it goes bad in Dec when I do dither (see pic PHD2.jpg).

The subs taken seem ok (eccentricity is pretty high though (.6) but I do not understand why I am getting such a high RMS in Dec for the same dithering settings (I did change the FL to 580mm for the SVQ100 in PHD2). I am wondering if there is an issue with the mount?

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