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Another comment on side-by-side configurations.

Yes, getting a side-by-side saddle will also work. But it’s more expensive, adds more weight, and is much more time-consuming to balance.

I have a side-by-side Losmandy “D” saddle system I’ve used for side-by-side solar scopes on my Mach1. I think the side-by-side saddle itself weighs around 12 lbs.

And since you’ll now be balancing in two directions (two axis), initial balancing takes some time – particularly the first time when you don’t know what you’re doing. Once upon a time I think Roland gave step-by-step instructions on this forum on the most efficient way to balance a side-by-side system. I wish I’d had those instructions the first time I balanced mine. It’s much better than my trial-and-error routine.

But so long as you use the same equipment and configuration each time, you can mark the balance points and subsequent setups will go quickly.

But don’t forget the additional weight of the heavy side-by-side saddle. If you’re already close to the weight capacity of your mount, this could put you over.

And of course, once configured side-by-side, you’ll need to re-set your park positions as the side-by-side configuration rotates DEC by 90°.


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I have four 9lb weights on my Mach One. I have a small refractor and an even smaller (71mm) refractor mounted on top of the larger OTA.

I can not configure the weight distribution following the instructions on the AP site. The only way I have found to bring this set up to balance, is mounting two weights at the top of the weight bar and two very near the bottom. About a five inch gap between the two groups of weights.

Do I need more weights or is having the smaller refractor on top of the bigger scope causing problems? The setup does seem to be top heavy. But the setup is under 40lbs.

I thought of re-mounting the 71mm in a side x side config. I would then hopefully have my weights in a more appropriate configuration based on the instructions at AP.

Thanks for your help as always.
Gregory Gig Harbor, WA.

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