Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I agree with what Steve is saying here.  A mini wifi AP/router is a better solution imho.

I usually run the LAN from the headless machine running the scope and cameras into the AP and if I have a laptop at the scope I use the LAN connection as well.  Very fast updates.

Then I have a tablet I walk around the field with and visit other people and so I can monitor the data capture via WiFi so I can run back to the scope if it needs me for some reason.

I use TightVNC instead of TV or RDP but that is personal preference.  My data capture machine is Linux based so VNC is a natural choice but not the only.

Michael Fulbright

On 3/18/2018 3:16 PM, smackto@... [ap-gto] wrote:

Hi Wayne,

I've used ad hoc networks in the field but I found using a small wifi router to be a more robust solution than an ad hoc network.

I bought this router so I can set up my own little network in the field and it works great.  It's also a lithium ion power tank so it runs forever.

My setup is completely headless (a home-made version of the Eagle basically).  I use RDP to connect to my MacBook Pro and my iPad and works very well.  I've tried team viewer as well and it's fine but RDP with my little network is brain dead easy to use.



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