Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Joe Zeglinski

One other thing – about TeamViewer “Disconnections”, even on the in-house wireless LAN, using your remote IP as an ID for login.
    Sometimes you may still get a “TeamViewer Lost Connection” message. That only means that your client PC (in house,  for example) lost communication with the scope side TeamViewer host PC – but the latter just keeps working along, oblivious to your loss, with no message on its screen, so no problem with controlling your mount or imaging program in progress.
    Actually, this is perfect - the client should work like that because there may be several other user PC’s all simultaneously logged into the scope TeamViewer. You wouldn’t want one of your session friends PC to cause havoc  on the scope side, for everybody else.
    However .... here’s the BUT. TeamViewer hasn’t got its “Reconnect” working for more than 5 years. The last time I saw it work properly,  was something like Version 9. From my years of experience with this hassle, TV asks us to be patient while it attempts to reconnect YOU back to the host PC. When I examine its session logs, I always find it sends a “Re-initialize Router command” – which did nothing for my Linksys router, doubt if it did on any other product. Besides, I would be royally Pi**ed, if it re-initialized the router in some business situation, causing everybody to be logged out of server, not even involved with TeamViewer themselves. Not a smart way of handling it. The darned thing then  wastes ...  11 minutes ... in the struggle before giving up – EVERY time – and then just stopping entirely.
    Doesn’t happen that often, but ... I found the EASIEST solution – when you see the “TRYING TO RE-CONNECT” message on your client screen,  is to simply and quickly ignore the message, kill the TeamViewer window (Red-X it), and immediately click again on the TeamViewer launch screen “CONNECT” button. That fix takes mere seconds, and it resumes where it had been before the message, even the password is still filled in for you from the initial login, so no typing is required.
    I have been meaning to challenge TV tech support on this hassle, just never got around to it. I seemed to have disappeared (on my PC’s)  in later version 12 updates, but I see it is back again in version 13, today.
Joe Z.

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That’s good news.
    Everybody should also remember that the Display  option in TV options bar,  offers “optimization” for Quality, or for video refresh speed.
If the “client” screen starts stuttering, you should drop down from High Quality display to optimize for refresh speed instead.
The resolution still won’t look that much lower, but at least it will be steady.
    Also, of course, click the up arrow on the TV options bar to hide it most of the time, so you can see your top row desktop icons, or more of your astro apps.
    I suppose lowering display quality won’t make much difference since telescope control isn’t a movie, just sits on a constant display. But I thought I should give you a heads up on video quality vs. refresh bandwidth trade-offs.
Joe Z.

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