Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Greg,
    Just the simple decimal separated number.
e.g. ...  ... as any of your printers or devices are shown on your router wireless table list. No spaces, just decimals and digits.
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What is the IP form of address? Just the IP value or does it need some keyword or special format? I normally use Radmin when the TV site is down or I need bandwidth but if this avoids that access then I’ll use it.

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Glad you found the problem, and are back on TV.
    if you are logging into a “nearby” Remote like the backyard scope – definitely do NOT use the 9-digit ID for login.
Use the target PC  “IP address” form of login, instead.
Otherwise, your connection to the backyard, goes out on the internet via New York  continental head office , or to the main Germany host computer, becomes  MUCH slower than the direct internal wireless link, and liable to random disconnect with ISP blips, fades, or frequency hopping trying to find a “better user ISP connection”, etc.
    Only use the 9-digit ID address if trying to reach a remote PC which is way beyond house wireless LAN  range.
Might also want to disable the option in EXTRAS->Advanced-> section Advanced setting for connections to other computers:
“Start remote control automatically when connected to a MOBILE device”.
... so someone with a Smartphone doesn’t hack in – Unless you are using something like  SkiSafari as your local mount control pad, at the same time I suppose.
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Ok, problem solved. After deleted my copy of TeamViewer I download a version labeled "TeamViewer 13 Spring Release". I did a basic installation specifing personal/non-commercial. The screen I get before making the remote connection is now quite different than I was getting with my old version 13. No problem - just different. Now when I make the remote connection I get what looks like the same as version 12 with all the functions that were missing. Happy days are here again! Thanks everyone. I wouldn't have known I had a broken version 13 without your help.



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