Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Stuart,
    What I meant by “target names”, is not the PC name AFTER reaching the remote destination, but rather the pop down list of 9-digit ID’s (down-arrow),  as you launch TV to select a formerly used login ID. I have to keep a desktop file handy, with a list of ID’s and PC or people names. Otherwise, how would you distinguish one ID from another in order to try a login number? Guessing a formerly used PC ID would be embarrassing, or scare the other person, that someone is attacking their PC – when it was just an error.
    I think TV offers the user the option to REGISTER your (perhaps customer) target machines, with an further identification ... at their company website in GmBH ???
First, I don’t like such ID info on some other PC or Cloud, somewhere else in the world. Second, I mostly use TV on my house LAN to connect to the telescope or other internal laptop, so I don’t want to access the internet just to double check an ID versus person name or other identifier. Besides, some people don’t change their PC Name from the MS default of “MY PC” –   most of my relatives or non computer savvy friends.
    Tonight I tried “fooling TV”  by giving it the  “correct 9-digit ID”, but tacked on a space and some extra defining alpha letters, hoping that TV would simply accept the first 9 characters as the ID, and then also record the remaining identifying characters into its “previously-logged-into” list of ID’s – expecting it would otherwise ignore anything after my leading 9 digits.
That would be a nice way of maintaining this list. Unfortunately, its numeric entry is very format specific – No foolin’ it. In fact, it doesn’t even permit a space separating a group of 3 digits, for clarity.
But, all that is trivial – great product anyway.

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Joe, not to take away from this being Greg's thread but why aren't all your computers showing up by their names? I name all mine. Easy to tell which is which in TV.

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