Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Greg Salyer

Ok, problem solved. After deleted my copy of TeamViewer I download a version labeled "TeamViewer 13 Spring Release". I did a basic installation specifing personal/non-commercial. The screen I get before making the remote connection is now quite different than I was getting with my old version 13. No problem - just different. Now when I make the remote connection I get what looks like the same as version 12 with all the functions that were missing. Happy days are here again! Thanks everyone. I wouldn't have known I had a broken version 13 without your help.




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    EXACTLY, the same “menu/function bar” as in all previous versions.

Checked its function bar contents & options,  a few minutes ago, and there are no differences.


By any chance did you click the “Up-Arrow” at the top of the logged in (host PC, telescope) screen button, on it to “HIDE, roll up,  the function bar” ? If so, click it again.




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Ok, I've now got version 13 on both ends, however, I still don't get the "missing" functions. Are you getting the same screen as version 12 when you connect? I get a brand new line at top with almost no function.




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