Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network


I've been using v 13 since it came out. It totally does file transfers. 


On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 7:48 PM, buckeyestargazer@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

I've been using Teamviewer also for years, including now on version 13.  There was a short time when 13 came out that is was giving annoying warnings and promotions, but those have ceased for a while now.  

I never get disconnected as long as there is a stable network.  Quite often I forget to exit TV before I go to bed and wake up the next morning and TV is still connected to the remote PC.  

I've never quite understood why people like Windows RD when much better options like TV are available for free.

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