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Greg Salyer

No, as far as I know disconnect is not one of the problems with version 13. Of course as soon as I found fie transfers weren't supported yet I dropped it and went back to version 12 so I don't have a lot of experience with it. I then went on the web and found a lot of people went back to 12 because of missing functions such as file transfer, remote print and clipboard transfer. If your using such functions then I can't understand what's going on. The look and feel is totally different than version 12. The basic stuff seemed to work just fine but if the missing functions are hidden somewhere I didn't see where. Are you sure your on version 13?




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Hi Wayne,


    Is this disconnect something new in version 13?


    Like you, I used TV for probably 10 years, hassle free. Used version 13 today, for most of the afternoon, never got disconnected, no warnings, just a “polite Thank You” for using TeamViewer .... AFTER I logged out.


    It didn’t disconnect me in the 4 hours I was using it, so I don’t know why you are having a problem. That’s weird. Did you somehow download a trial “commercial user” version”. I think TV Corp is pretty wary and checks if you are suspected of using it for business. Don’t know what they may “snoop” for, in the transactions – if they actually do that. Perhaps there are “terms of service” that you acknowledge their right to do that – probably.


    I have heard of cases where so-called “home users” got caught and cancelled.


    Anyway, so far, the latest TV version is behaving no different from years of the older ones.

I would curious what you or anyone else discovers about your TV situation. I don’t think TV changed the rules for eligibility.




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Joe, I used the freeware version of TeamViewer for quite a while but I got tired of it frequently reminding me that I was used my a free version and making me reconnect. Does it still do that? 




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Hi Micah,


    While Microsoft’s “Remote Desktop” is OK when starting out ... consider using a free (for non-commercial users) copy of TEAMVIEWER.


    The big advantage of the latter, besides not needing a PRO version of Windows on each computer – is that BOTH PC screens & mice  remain LIVE – you can operate the mount or control your imaging program,  from indoors or outdoors. The outdoor PC does NOT logout and its screen  doesn’t go black, when you go indoors, and you don’t have to login again, on either side, as you do in “MS Remote Desktop”. You can also have friends login, or login from other computers in the house,  into your outdoor remote scope computer, to share the experience, even using their own mouse, if you let them participate fully.


    It is far more convenient, with added benefits like File Transfer – in both directions.

There are of course other (subscription based) remote control programs.

– Microsoft has always been a rather chincy,  “bare bones” Remote,  and forces you to install a more expensive Windows OS. Also, you can’t operate your scope computer for a “show-n-tell”,  with that  MS version,  from anywhere else, like a friend’s place, unless they also have the PRO version installed.


Joe Z.

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