Re: 1200 Coming--Need Advice

Mark D'Ambrosio <markdambrosio@...>

--- In ap-gto@..., "Wilson Beckett" <wwbeckett@e...> wrote:> Hello All,> > I was fortunate to be able to order an AP 1200 mount this year. It > should arrive in the Fall sometime. The folks at Astro-Physics > indicated I should order the appropriate accessories in June.> > My first question is; what height portable pier should I buy? Iwas > thinking 48" or 54". I'm 6ft. tall and would rather lift thingsthan > stoop over.> > I know I will need the DOVELM plate for my C-11 and Tak FS-102scopes > which I now use on a G-11 mount. I hope to upgrade my #1 telescope > before too long, perhaps to an AP155EDF if the gods are smiling. How > much counterweight should I buy? Should I order any other mounting > plate?> > Does this mount come with a polar scope? I can't find mention ofit > on AP's website. A 5x 'integral polar scope' is mentioned as an > accessory on Company Seven's website with no pricing or ordering > information. What's up with the polar scope?> > I would also appreciate any comments about accessory trays, keypad > covers and any other advice.> > Thanks,> > Wilson Beckett Hi Wilson, Iwould venture to say that the 48" pier should be adequate for all 3scopes that you mention. The 54" would probably be more suitable forthe AP 7.1 F-9, and 42" may be a bit short for the refactors youmention. I estimate 1-18lb., and 1-10lb. CW should be adequate for anycombination of the 3 scopes you choose to use (Figuring thepossibility of future acessories such as photgraphic/guide scopesetc.)The Polar scope for these are currently not available, but these dopop up occasionally on Astromart used. (I had luckily found one)If memory serves me correctly, Marj Christen had mentioned not longago, that they are currently in the process of making these scopesonce again available. It's best to keep in touch with AP from timeto time. I like you, await the delievery of a 1200GTO in the fall. It is oneunbelievable mount! Mark

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