Re: Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Joe Zeglinski

    Are you saying that TV does NOT have “File Transfer”, in the free personal use version ?
I used it an hour ago, on TV version 13, and on past versions for years. Unfortunately, it isn’t File “Drag-n-Drop”, but does quite well, once you set up the from/to (left/right) pointers on its File Transfer screen.
    I mostly use it for my backyard remote scope, so yes, you have to “Accept Incoming LAN connections” – obviously, which isn’t a problem for an internal - home LAN.  In past years, I did get random disconnects, and was going to eventually give TV a hard time on that issue. Of course, turning on the microwave oven for rewarming my coffee, will always disconnect after about 30 seconds – that’s just the nature of 2G (2.4 GHZ)communications, and I should switch to 5G frequencies on my next Router. But, to my utter surprise, the problem FINALLY disappeared on its own, about half a year ago, and I never got a disconnect since. Hopefully, the recent version 13,  doesn’t, as you suggest screw that up again.
    If TV ever gets nasty, which I doubt, then I will have to find some other “Remote app” – but definitely NOT Microsoft’s lame Remote Desktop version, as it has been from day one. I think the reason why Microsoft didn’t make a “decent” Remote, is because they were forced to comply with their third party software companies – not to compete with their better commercial versions. Microsoft treats commercial customers and probably developers well, and Home Users customers as cannon fodder.
    I think the folks at TeamViewer are doing a great job on their commercial product support product – with my hardiest gratitude and  thanks, as  a “personal use only” customer – and hope their quality service  and performance continues as it has been.
Joe Z.

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