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I moved from the same mount to a Mach1.  Was using the 2 eleven pound weights as well and am now using 3 x 9 pound + 2 x 6 pound weights with the same setup.  My FSQ-106 plus mountings weighs in at about 21 pounds plus I use a full frame Nikon D800E. You’ll want to have the weights pushed up the counter balance shaft as far as possible to minimize the moment of inertia.  Maybe someone will have a closer setup to help you in weight selection. 

You’ll love the new mount. 

Cheers, Joe

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Hi Folks,

I just sold my SkyWatcher Alt/Az EQ6 mount and I'm in the process of purchasing a Astro-Physics Mach1. We're going to the NEAF show in Sufferin NY in April and will pick it up on the way back to Canada. 

I'd like to start planning the setup etc. so that I don't have delays when I finally get it home, so I have some questions. 

What do I need to purchase in addition to the Mach1. I think I have a handle on the counterweights as I assume I'll need the same amount as I was using with the EQ6. 

My first problem is what mounting plate to buy. The permanent mount in my Observatory has a 11" plate on top which is adjustable for levelling and can be drilled out to accommodate bolt holes. Help with this would be appreciated.

Second problem: My Celestron SCT 11" was attached to the EQ6 with an 11" Dovetail bar (CGE). Will this work with the Mach1 or do I need a replacement, and if so what one?

My third question concerns software. I'm set up to control the scope from my house using a powered USB cable and computer (ASCOM). From what I've read on the Astro-Physics website, this mount offers choices in control including proprietary software for sale on the site. Some insights from you folks who are using AP mounts would be helpful in making my choices.

Equipment: Celestron SCT 11"/SBIG STF8300C camera/Prism software.

I'm excited about this new mount as, from what I've read, it appears it will go a long way to solving several frustrating problems that I'm having in astrophotography.

Thanks in advance,


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