Re: How to test Absolute Encoder Kit for A-P1100GTO?

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Question:  Once the encoders have been installed and calibrated, or the utility has been loaded and run, will the encoders function to eliminate PE and backlash when the mount is controlled with the keypad only (no computer attached)?

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I did another test to prove the Absolute Encoder is working. I remember watching Rolando's interview with Sky & Telescope reporter and he demonstrated his AE mount by pushing the telescope Declination axis and it showed the Dec spur gears fighting back to bring the mount back to where it's supposed to be. Well I did the same thing and the Dec axis spur fought back and brought back the mount to it's original position. That's good enough to tell me the encoders were working.


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I received and installed Absolute Encoder Kits and CP4 yesterday. The installation was so easy that it was a joke. I cannot test AE under the dark sky because of the new scope equipment curse: It's snowy outside!!!!!!

I ran the AE utility software to enable AE encoder but the status already displayed "ON" meaning the encoders were already enabled by default. So I turned it OFF and then ON.

I am able to do minimal testing indoors by using Keypad and Stellarium/ASCOM driver by slewing to different objects and I can tell that it was pointing correctly.

The LEDs in both optical readers are always blue meaning good and strong signal. But how can I tell that the absolute encoders are running and working? Even if I turn off the encoders with AE utility, the LEDs are always blue. It would be nice if the LEDs were turned off if AE is disabled by AE utility software so I would know quickly whether the encoders are enabled/disabled by just looking at the LEDs of the optical reader without checking with AE utility software.

Do I need to set Home and Limits with AE utility? Is it required to get encoders working or is it an extra and optional feature? My setup is always portable so I unlock/lock clutches frequently so do I have to set Home/Limits every time I manually move the mount via unlocking the clutches?

Is setting and testing Home a good way to test if AE is working?



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