Re: How to test Absolute Encoder Kit for A-P1100GTO?

Matthew Hughes

Ok thanks



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No drilling is required for the solution in the photo below.

The cap screws at that location are just there to cover the holes that provide access to the spring loaded screws for the gearbox.

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How did you go drilling into the housing. That would make me nervous...

I put my poll master on the DOVELM162 via this

And a quick release bracket. I just have todo the adjustment while parked.

I’d like to mount it as you have done but a bit nervy drilling....



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It's going to be a while to image due to bad weather and I will be very busy the next few weeks.

The AE connector on Dec gearbox will likely interfere with PoleMaster if you use polar scope hole on Dec axis. Best place to mount PoleMaster is on the Dec gearbox housing above polar scope hole.

My suggestion to A-P for future mounts is to put back two placeholder screws on Dec gearbox like it was done during initial release of A-P1100/1600 mounts. I used these two screw to mount my PoleMaster on Dec gearbox. Here is an example:


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Great to hear! Cant wait to get your report on imaging with the AE.


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One other thing not related to AE, the WiFi using CP4 as an access point worked perfectly with my Android tablet using Sky Safari version 5. I disconnected keypad and ASCOM driver from the mount, parked the mount to Park 4 position and viola it works!!!!! The mount got initialized by Sky Safari without needing Keypad or ASCOM driver initializing the mount first. Sky Safari was able to correctly slew to different objects.


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I ran the AE utility software to test "I GOT LOST!, Find Home!" and seems to work. What's really cool about this whole thing is the CP4 has so many available physical ports. I use the CP4's USB port for slewing to objects with A-P V2 ASCOM driver and the upper serial port via USB-to-Serial FTDI adapter to use AE utility software at the SAME time. Very nice and could not be any simpler!!!!!!


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Thanks Wade. I don't have APCC but the latest A-P V2 ASCOM driver also says "encoder" for PEM status as well. I hope this good enough.


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If you use APCC, you can tell that the encoders are on by looking at the PEM status, which will say “encoder” instead of “on” or “off”.

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I received and installed Absolute Encoder Kits and CP4 yesterday. The installation was so easy that it was a joke. I cannot test AE under the dark sky because of the new scope equipment curse: It's snowy outside!!!!!!

I ran the AE utility software to enable AE encoder but the status already displayed "ON" meaning the encoders were already enabled by default. So I turned it OFF and then ON.

I am able to do minimal testing indoors by using Keypad and Stellarium/ASCOM driver by slewing to different objects and I can tell that it was pointing correctly.

The LEDs in both optical readers are always blue meaning good and strong signal. But how can I tell that the absolute encoders are running and working? Even if I turn off the encoders with AE utility, the LEDs are always blue.. It would be nice if the LEDs were turned off if AE is disabled by AE utility software so I would know quickly whether the encoders are enabled/disabled by just looking at the LEDs of the optical reader without checking with AE utility software.

Do I need to set Home and Limits with AE utility? Is it required to get encoders working or is it an extra and optional feature? My setup is always portable so I unlock/lock clutches frequently so do I have to set Home/Limits every time I manually move the mount via unlocking the clutches?

Is setting and testing Home a good way to test if AE is working?



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