Remote Desktop PC access on Ad Hoc Network

Wayne Hixson

Just got a Primaluce Eagle 2 Astro computer, sitting on my AP1100. Love it so far - runs all my sw, connects to all the hw, and manages power nicely. But have run into a connectivity issue that would apply in some remote observing situations. I can connect into it with my iPad or my laptop using Jump Desktop or Windows RDP when it’s connected to our local WiFi lan. However, when running the Ad Hoc network provided by the Eagle, I can only connect from the iPad. I can get to the point of entering username and pw on my laptop but it gives me an error message like the pw is wrong. I’d really prefer using the laptop rather than the iPad.

Has anyone run into a situation of remoting into a win 10 machine from another Win 10 machine on an Ad Hoc network?



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