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Here in the Midwest, wasps like to build nest under them. I actually had these pests build a nest on my American Flag, can you believe that! Mahogany Wasps are the worst. Use caution when removing them. Mostly if not used for a few days.

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I, too, had a cover made to cover my Lunt 152 and VRC-10 on AP1600 mount.  I place a small light bulb behind the counterweights to help dry out the humidity and that appears to work well.
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Yes they are excellent.
I had them make a custom one for my AP160 and RCOS 12.5 RC on my AP1200GTO mount.
They are a heavy coated material.
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Wondering if anyone has experience using Telegizmos Telescope [and Tripod] covers – or any comparable telescope cover for outdoor use.
They come in a ‘standard’ size recommended for only a few months outdoor use, and their ‘premium’ model for long-term outdoor use..
My concern is not only for the telescope but my beloved AP 1100 and GP4 as well.
Thanks, Ted
Ted Mickle
Oklahoma City
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Got it.  I'll need a bit of time to study it, but I'll be here a little while yet.

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