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Jack Huerkamp



I agree with using something to pad sharp edges.  I had my wife sew two large beach towels together and I caver the scopes with this before placing the TeleGizmo cover over them.


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I use a telegizmo 365 on my AP900 with CP4. I highly recommend getting an inexpensive moving blanket to cover sharp edges of saddle plate and counter weight shaft, to preserve the interior of the telegizmo cover, it is susceptible to tearing if snagged on a sharp edge.


steve hoffman


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Wondering if anyone has experience using Telegizmos Telescope [and Tripod] covers – or any comparable telescope cover for outdoor use.


They come in a ‘standard’ size recommended for only a few months outdoor use, and their ‘premium’ model for long-term outdoor use.


My concern is not only for the telescope but my beloved AP 1100 and GP4 as well.


Thanks, Ted


Ted Mickle

Oklahoma City


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Got it.  I'll need a bit of time to study it, but I'll be here a little while yet.

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