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I have several of the Telegizmo 360 covers and have always been happy wth them. I had no problems with it covering my AP1600GTO (before it went into my observatory) for long periods of inclement weather. The main thing to look out for was condensation but a 60W bulb under the covers took care of that. On extremely hot days it would get very hot inside however so I would not leave a telescope under it during those periods. The mount was fine.

I am in California not Oklahoma rather than Oaklahoma though.


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Wondering if anyone has experience using Telegizmos Telescope [and Tripod] covers – or any comparable telescope cover for outdoor use.


They come in a ‘standard’ size recommended for only a few months outdoor use, and their ‘premium’ model for long-term outdoor use.


My concern is not only for the telescope but my beloved AP 1100 and GP4 as well.


Thanks, Ted


Ted Mickle

Oklahoma City


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Got it.  I'll need a bit of time to study it, but I'll be here a little while yet.




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