Re: Daylight Savings Keypad change

Ted Mickle



Is it safe to say that pointing accuracy is a function of latitude and longitude, and if one were to set his/her laptop and keypad to UTC, pointing accuracy would not be affected?


Also, if the keypad is set to UTC, does that automatically set the GP4 to UTC as well?






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"Would it be advisable to just convert the laptop, keypad and the whole works to UTC, or could that cause conflicts down the road?"

Running everything on UTC is a great way to do things if the laptop is completely dedicated to astronomy endeavors.  Professional astronomers all generally set everything including their lives to UTC.  The main thing to remember is that EVERYTHING needs to be set to UTC.  Normal commercial software intended for amateurs will often want to default you to a time zone.  Once you have everything set up though, it's awesome.  We keep our system in Chile on UTC.  I even keep my desktop PC here at AP on UTC along with all of my software.  Assisting customers in different time zones, especially in eastern zones is much easier for me when I'm working from UTC.  My laptop and computers at home are all on normal Central Time, but I've become quite accustomed to thinking in UTC and going back and forth. 


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