Re: DEC delay in reversal

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Suresh,
    Your approach on “swapping gear boxes” provides another (potential) advantage, which I had not previously considered.
    It appears possible that for whatever reason, either one of the RA or DEC gear boxes may have slightly better PEC performance, just by coincidence of a marginally better (or worse),  spur gear in one of them. More likely, after many years of use, under seasonal temperature variations and thus loading conditions, the RA gears may  get more worn because of their “continuous drive”, sidereal tracking & slewing during every session. The DEC gearbox, on the other hand,  would be nearly pristine, barely worn in, after years of use.
    That situation of an aging mount, presents the option of swapping the gearboxes, so the RA tracking etc. is almost as if new, while the DEC,  using the now well worn gearbox, doesn’t need “PEC quality performance”,  since it doesn’t move much, other than slewing to a target, and the occasional bump during guiding. Best to permanently mark/scribe the two gearboxes somehow, perhaps out of sight under the gearbox lid, so we know which one was the original RA workhorse, in case they get switched on a servicing table.
    Something to keep in mind about rejuvenating our AP mounts, as we and our wonderful AP mounts age with experience.

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