Re: A-P1100 Absolute Encoders installed by Astro-Physics?


Hi Wade,

If the read heads did not initially have good signal, will you still be able make adjustments until good signal is there or will you have to return the encoders back to A-P for adjustments?


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I installed the encoders in my AP1600.  It was quite easy.  The only adjustment I needed was to make sure that the read heads had good signal throughout the entire range of movement of each axis.  It took about 5 minutes per read head, so 10 minutes total.


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Hi Rolando and David,

That's good to know that installing AE into existing A-P1100 mounts is easy. I am myself pretty handy with mechanical stuff so I should not be worried about it. I thought the customer would have to do some kind of extensive alignments in the encoders but I was wrong.

I look forward to viewing your Youtube video about installing AE in A-P1100/1600 mounts.


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We set the encoder rings into a special carrier assembly and precision align them for zero runout. That assembly then bolts onto the back of the 1100/1600 shaft on both axes. It's held on by 6 screws and you don't have to worry about any alignment on the rings. The encoder optics are attached by 2 screws on the outside of the axes and pop right in. The alignment of these is quite simple. The only other thing to do is to activate the encoder software in the CP4.

Tomorrow I will make a short video showing how the encoders are attached and post it up to our U-Tube channel.





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Its super easy to do yourself.  They literally just drop in place, secured with several screws, and a few new cables.  The cost for shipping back and forth would not be worth it.  I was slow and cautious and it took me maybe an hour or so to get the new hardware into the mount, and a few minutes to install the software and setup.  It is not complex at all.  Do it yourself.





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Rolando and others at A-P,

I found the link about buying a separate Absolute Encoder for my A-P1100GTO built in 8/26/2013 (Serial #11014) at:


I was not aware that you already have Absolute Encoder Kits available to be installed by the customers. My question is can I ship my mount to you for you to install and test Absolute Encoders and ship the mount back to me? If this is possible, is there an extra charge for you to install AE and how much would it be?

Thank you,





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