Re: A-P1100 Absolute Encoders installed by Astro-Physics?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Wade,
    While I completely agree with your cautions about  being safer by dismantling the mount before installing encoders, it might also be done without doing so.
    Last time I re-greased the mount ... using the Keypad,  I carefully “jogged”  the mount level,  down to (or slightly below) PARK-1, until I could “rest” the OTA on a picnic table for support. Once the OTA was lying comfortably supported on its side on the (heavy folded blanket - cushioned) table top, I felt it was even safe to change or remove the bar and cwts.
    This is a procedure I also used once before, to remove the large very heavy RC-14.5 OTA from the saddle, and later replace it - rather than lifting it up, off the mount while standing on a solid pine coffee table, by myself.
There can be ways, to safely install those encoders.

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