Re: A-P1100 Absolute Encoders installed by Astro-Physics?

W Hilmo

The read heads could be installed with the mount loaded.  I would not attempt to install the encoder rings without unloading the mount and separating the axes.


If I remember right, to install the declination ring, you need to remove the counterweight shaft, and the lower cover that the counterweight shaft threads into.  To install the RA ring, you need to remove the bottom plate of the RA housing.  If you use the RAPAS, you would potentially need to recollimated it after installing the encoder ring.


If you were to do this with the mount loaded, you would need to position the axes so that you had access to the openings.  For the declination axis, you would be working with the counterweights and shaft removed.  With a significant load, I would not do this.  To get sufficient access to the RA housing, I needed to set the polar alignment axis as if I were at the equator.  So at a minimum, you would need to re-polar align.


The other factor was that I found that the encoder rings would not seat properly until the mount and rings were at the same temperature.  I tried to fit them right after bringing the mount into the house.  At that time, the mount was about 25F cooler than the encoder rings and the fit was too snug.  After letting the mount acclimate to room temperature for a few hours, I was able to install them without trouble.



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In installing encoders on a 1600, did you have to disassemble anything or move the mount?  I have a 1600 and it has a hefty load on it, I think that the OTA would have to come off (a major pain that takes three or four people) and the mount moved.  This has prohibited me from really thinking about this.



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