INDI AP driver

Jim Finis

Hi All

I’ve been reading this thread since the first post and I think it’s reached saturation point

The question of the OS’s has been going on now for at least 2 decades, as quite a number of people have commented software developers are driven by consumer/business requirements.


I’m now retired but was in the IT industry since the early days of the XT Pc, DOS, Windows 2.0, Xenix, Unix, Mac (with the exploding bomb) Netware/Suse Linux etc. have used and supported them all.

Many years ago Linux was going to take over the world guess what never did and never will do, although Windows has its problems it is the most widely used operating system used today by Businesses and home users alike,


Hope it does not offend anyone but I think this thread has gone on long enough, getting boring: Windows v Linux v Mac etc. I’m sure that AP will and are supporting all customer needs

Peace to all

Please no replies it’s all been said before



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