Re: Want to use APPM with TheSkyX



I run APPM and TSX as Administrator as you suggested. It works. I can connect to the camera. Then, I try to do platesolve using Image Link in "Plate Solve Setting" tab. Then I click "Image Link Test", I choose a .fit file that I have with fit header that contain ccd information and coordinate. (wcs). Then, I click "Solve" or "Blind Solve". No matter which button I clicked, I got message below

Plate Solving via SkyXPro ImageLink

RA/Dec = 05 34 24.34 / -04 49 23.15
Use FITS for Hints = True
X/ Y Scale = 1 / 1
AllSky = True

And then around 3-5 seconds, I got another message in pink border below

Solve Failed after 4.853 seconds: 

The astrometric solution failed. Error = 655.

I don't have any idea how to fix it. I don't understand why it caused this. Please suggest me what can I do.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much Ray. Will do and let you know again.


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