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Ray Gralak

Hi Michael,

OK, is there anything missing in the INDI driver that is in the ASCOM driver
that you need help with?

-Ray Gralak
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I wanted to challenge one recurring idea mentioned in this thread - that
the INDI driver supporting AP mount needs to stabilize.

The current driver (versus when I started around May 2017) is very
stable in my experience.

Since fixing the major problems I found in the existing driver I've
taken 200+ hours of imaging data with it - many times 8+ hours/night.
I've had no down time due to the driver.  Or other INDI drivers (I use
the Moonlite focuser, SX Lodestar, ASI CCD and ASI filter wheel as well
as the joystick drivers).

My caveat in this qualification is I am always near my mount when I'm
using it.  I run everything from inside with VNC but when I meridian
flip or park I always go outside to watch the mount.  I am very paranoid
about open loop systems with command protocols with no checksums!  This
is of course borderline irrational but that is how I felt under
Windows/ASCOM as well.   When I have a chance to build a hardware
failsafe to prevent pier collisions I might change my position.

With that understanding - I am not comfortable saying the current driver
would be appropriate for remote systems that are unattended.   I haven't
run mine that way so I can't honestly extrapolate to how it would work
in other people's situations.

I am sure I'm being very overly cautious as I haven't seen anything with
the current driver to lead me to think it wouldn't work OK but I want
people to understand they are using new software and it could only
benefit from testing.

But for someone who is setting up each night and imaging (or doing
visual!) and basically hanging around the mount and keeping an eye on
things I don't see any difference in reliability using the INDI driver
versus the ASCOM solution I had been using previously.

And I can use my $30 wireless  gamepad to move the scope around now as a

Michael Fulbright



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