Re: INDI AP driver

Michael Mulcahy

I must say this has been an interesting thread which shows the considerable software expertise of folks in the forum.  As a programmer in another age I can appreciate and understand the issues being discussed.


I have imaged for about 8 years and operate an automated system using a windows laptop and the usual tools – Maxim, FocusMax, SkyX and CCDAutopilot.  This system delivers images 98 percent of the time and when it doesn’t it is usually a USB problem.  


So I ask why would I change this and move to a theoretically better architecture with new hardware and a steep learning curve?  How would Linux with INDI drivers make my imaging world better?  What would it do that I can’t do now.


I would rather capture data and process images than experiment with new software.  Until there are real benefits from a new architecture the “business case” for a change is just not there for me.


Mike Mulcahy

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