PEC clarification and possible feature idea

Robert Berta

I have a 900 CP 3 and also a new 1100 mount with CP for home observatory and the other for travel. I use the same hand controller for both so that means loading the PEC run appropriate for each mount from my computer before use IF I want to use the CP 4 box with both mounts.

I assume the PEC run is  stored in the control box.?  If so different PEC would be stored in the control box used with that mount. so just turning on PEC would be all you need to do.

But if you use the same CP4 box with both mounts you  need to install the appropriate PEC for each mount which can be saved on a laptop. .

So if I am correct it seems it would be handy to be able to store the PEC files in the hand controller so you could upload the appropriate one to the mount.  I know that feature isn't the way it works now....but that might be a useful feature down the road.

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