Re: INDI AP driver

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Chris,
    Now you have my curiosity up.
WHY do the academics have such a distaste for Windows – or is it Microsoft, or is it still for Bill Gates?
Did Apple provide more funding or lucrative discounts than Microsoft?
    If they are so buried in their own research, and don’t care about such trivia as the OS – then who is brainwashing them to hate Windows – or is it an academia “fraternity thing” of belonging to the ”right crowd” ?
    There really shouldn’t be that much held against the OS – so long as it does the intended job, and is universal, not requiring “special” support.
    Frankly, even though my own initial experiences included a few years around SCO-XENIX, I might jump to LINUX someday, but can’t seem to leave my Windows “comfort zone”. Don’t care which OS I use, so long as it supports ALL my astro needs, without having to jump through APPS compatibility hoops.

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"Actually, they should care."

Doesn't help much in my situation.  Most scientists I deal with aren't
computer experts and don't concern themselves with those kinds of secondary
details that aren't directly related to their fundamental subject of

They leave those kinds of irrelevant, "in the weeds" details to engineers
and grad students.

However they know they hate Windows and will only embrace Linux and/or Mac.

Personally I am rather agnostic towards operating systems.  I hate them all

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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