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Joe Zeglinski

    Maybe the academics are too smart – as there is more “grant money” to be had for doing research in reinventing the wheel, than for buying stuff off-the-shelf.

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Marj and I attended a professional telescope conference about 5 years ago on Hawaii Island. The researchers were talking about developing their control systems and having grad students do the software. Problem is that those grad students go away after a short time and new ones replace them. All the work the previous ones did gets canned in the round file and the new guys start all over again. Of course they don't really know what they needed to do, so spent a lot of time "researching". During their presentations they would ask the attendees how to do some task, meanwhile in the back of the room sat Bob Denny who was frantically putting his hand up. "Hey guys, we've done all that already" he would shout. "I know what you guys need and I have the software for it". Do you think any of them would listen? Nah.


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