Re: INDI AP driver

Joe Zeglinski

    I don’t mind Winodze much – except for Win-10 which harkens back to days of VISTA.
    However, if I did hate Windows, it would be because I “don’t trust” ....  Microsoft not to screw its customs even more. Perhaps astronomy on an independent OS like LINUX,  would be safer (some day), without our dependence on major companies like Microsoft and Apple, to make our telescope equipment work ... for our lifetime. Almost wish for the days of the trusty mechanical, spring loaded or counterweight driven  sidereal tracking clocks ;-)
    That (facetiously) said ... would it be a huge effort for ASTRONOMY equipment companies and their software developers like yourself, to port ASCOM and all its various drivers to LINUX? Perhaps that kind of effort, along with the huge existing library of drivers already working, might make it an easier flip than starting to develop INDI, on all three platforms.
If so, I would seriously consider ditching Windows for the telescope side of things and go to LINUX, just for all my astronomy.
    Frankly, I’m surprised that the gods on Mt. ASCOM,  haven’t done that LINUX port so far.
Meanwhile, I’ll just continue with the seemingly solid reliability of ASCOM on the PC, and “marginal” confidence in Microsoft Win-10 never-ending far too frequent, Updates.
    So, my vote for now is for all things ASCOM, rather than INDI.

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