Re: The INDI driver is for LINUX and non windows systems - Correct?

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

INDI is primarily used with Linux but it has support for Macs as well.

There is no reason it couldn't work with Windows - but as far as I know very few developers are working on this as it simply isn't interesting to most of us.

Most of the energy behind INDI is to provide a solution where none really exists for non-Windows environments - whereas under Windows there is the ASCOM platform which allows the use of a wealth of available software.

Some people have run INDI using a virtual machine under Windows to run a flavor of Linux but honestly you can get used laptops so cheap I always advise just using an older laptop to try out INDI.    The minimum requirements for Linux system are generally much less than a modern Windows install.   For example, many people use INDI on Raspberry Pi machines which are very limited in CPU and memory resources.

Also - this isn't an either/or sort of situation.  I have a dual boot machine I use for imaging which I use WIndows and ASCOM for certain scenarios but primarily I use INDI/EKOS under Linux.  I think it is a case of more is good.

Michael Fulbright

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