Re: Undocumented GTOCP commands?

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  I applaud what you've done - driver abstrations like INDI and ASCOM are important no doubt - but there is a value to understanding how this equipment works at a lower level.  I've been improving the INDI driver for Astro-Physics mounts and have had alot of fun learning more about my favorite mount.

Michael Fulbright

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I also use the ASCOM simulators some.
The program I wrote is was started way over 10 years ago and began it's life as a Celestron and Meade LX200 emulator.  I don't think I wasted my time at all by doing this.  After all someone wrote the ASCOM stuff and did now wast there time.  I have written a lot of software for astronomy over the years and don't think any of it was a waste of time.  If you are interested is viewing some of them my web page is  My most recent addition is a serial to ASCOM program that was written up in Astronomy Technology Today a while back.  This program will allow software that does not support ASCOM telescope to talk to any ASCOM telescope by telling the program to use a Meade or AP mount.
It works quite well.  I have used it to allow SkyChart III and MegaStar 5 to talk to my Vixen Sphnix SXD2 mount.

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