Re: problem with mount resetting...

Tim Khan

I've been using the Anderson Single Powerpole Series
PP15 ever since I received my mount (Nov. 98). The
only problem is that the Silver in the Anderson
connectors will tarnish and will have to be cleaned

The Singles PP that I use are stackable, the
individual connectors lock togeather to make polarized
plugs, and they can be stacked in an "array" for
multiple power outlets, which is the feature I like.


--- Paul Gustafson <drgus@...> wrote:
The box they put my old parts in says "Anderson
Power Products, Div. of
Anderson Interconnect, Inc., 13 Pratts Junction
Road, Sterling, MA 01564,
SB-50A Conn #10 Gray, made with V0 material, part


It has pictures, heat rise curves, specs, etc. A
high-tech little connector.


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