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very nice one (and not often imaged) !
Thanks for sharing


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Beautiful image Terry!


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This beautiful galaxy is known as the Spanish Dancer.  NGC 1566 can be found in the constillation of Doroda (The Dolphinfish), at a distance of 40 million light years away.  Its apparent magnitude is 10.3, and its apparent size of 8.3 x 6.6 arc min.  It has a small but extremely bright nuclues.  This is a feature is found in the Seyfert class galaxies.  This class of galaxies are very active and extreamly luminous, emitting strong bursts of radiation. Supermassive black holes are believed to be near the centre of this galaxy.  NGC 1566 is the second brightest Seyfert glaxy known.

Instruments Used:

10 Inch RCOS fl 9.1

Astro Physics AP-900 Mount

SBIG STL 11000m

FLI Filter Wheel

Astrodon Lum, Red, Green, Blue Filters

Baader Planetarium H-alpha 7nm Narrowband-Filter

Exposure Details:

Lum 1X1 49 X 900 sec  12.25 Hours

Red 2X2 15 X 450 sec 1.875 Hours

Green 2X2 23 X 450 sec 2.875 Hours

Blue 2X2  16 X 450 sec 2.000 Hours

Ha 1X1 11 X 900 sec 2.750 Hours

Total Time 21.75 Hours


Image Details:

Resolution ........ 0.803 arcsec/px

Rotation .......... 111.188 deg

Focal ............. 2310.93 mm

Pixel size ........ 9.00 um

Field of view ..... 50' 34.9" x 33' 42.7"

Image center ...... RA: 04 19 48.692  Dec: -54 55 36.72


Australia, Central Victoria

Imaged from Dec-Feb 2018


Terry Robison

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