Re: FW: Amateur Astronomers Photograph Tesla Roadster in Space

Joe Zeglinski

    Today, I was just thinking about that marvellous accomplishment ... and he hasn’t even gotten  to the Moon yet.
Then again, Elon missed the chance to put an AP-3200 and AP scope on board, for his dummy astronaut to view Earth from near Jupiter ;-)
    ... next one ... Marj?
Question for Elon Musk: – Regarding the Roadster – how many “Parsecs to the Coulomb in the battery”,  does that roadster get ???   :-)
    Will probably beat all mileage records by the time it reaches the Asteroid belt.
Also, wouldn’t it be strange if some “SpaceX employee”  stowed away on the roadster, just to be the first to reach Mars?
    That would probably be shushed up, because of the competition and government/corporate funding opportunities to be “THE first”.
    Would make for an interesting “SciFi movie plot thriller”, though.
Maybe THEY, out there,  will return the old roadster some day ... with their upgraded technology “Di-Lithium Crystal Battery”  model :-)
Joe Z.

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I would like to issue a challenge to anyone with clear skies tonight. Who can capture an image of the Tesla Roadster in space? See the info from Space Weather below. There was an image, but I had to delete it, so you will have to go to their site.


Good luck! Snow here today, so no chance for us.


Clear Skies,


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Elon Musk's cherry red Roadster has been spotted 430,000 km from Earth heading toward the orbit of Mars.

Space Weather News for Feb. 9, 2018

AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS PHOTOGRAPH ROADSTER IN SPACE: "It's the craziest thing I've ever captured in my telescope," says amateur astronomer Raymond Kneip. Last night, he photographed Elon Musk's cherry red Roadster 430,000 km from Earth heading toward the orbit of Mars. NASA has just released an ephemeris (celestial coordinates) for the electric car, allowing astronomers to track and photograph the Tesla as it recedes into deep space. Pictures of the Roadster and instructions for accessing NASA's ephemeris may be found on today's edition of

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