Re: PEMPro V2 to V3 Free Upgrade request for users with AP's PEMPro V2 licenses

Steve Reilly

Have a look at the announcement here and see if this answers any of your questions




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Hi, Another off the wall question for Ray. I tried to connect with the Astro-physics V2 Telescope Driver v 5.10.02. I have Windows 10. I read on the Ascom website that Microsoft downloaded a update that may interfere with this. I checked my updates on the computer and deleted the KB4056892 update and tried it again. Still not working . What is working, when I click  the check port it is telling me it found the mount. However after filling in the  my parameters and unchecking the box, that  Ray's website states to do. When I click on OK. The set-up box goes away and the handbox ( on the screen) does not show up on my screen. I have tried with and without my mount handbox connected to the rs232 on my cp3 mount (1200 GTO). Do you have any idea why it does not show up? The bad update is off my OS. I tried to get it with the bad driver and without it and still get the same results. I plan on getting the APCC later. But want to use this driver in question for the present time.  I have the newest ASCOM  6.3 driver and the Astro-Physics V2 Telescope driver v5.10.02 on my computer ,  in my programs  lists it shows that both of these drivers are present along with the framework.Thanks, Mike


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Thanks for the help, Ray.  V3 installed, licensed, and functional.




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