Re: Is Yahoo Groups moderating every messages?

Gregory <fyrframe@...>

Sorry, I disagree.

>>>"Yahoo is running smooth as silk right now."

No it's not for some and yes Yahoo mail is working fine for some. My post are still kind of funcky in the way my posts return from Yahoo. Yahoo is the common denominator in all of this. My Yahoo account/profile is not functioning. I can't read any of my email on the Yahoo sever. They have a notice up (did?) that states they acknowledged they are having difficulties and are working on it. That notice has been up for quite awhile.

I have also noticed "test" posts in the many Yahoo forums I use. They are looking at some posting problem, and that introduces Yahoo. They are all testing their Yahoo forum posts. The Yahoo site itself was experiencing all kinds of problems. I too for sometime could only post by going to that forum's Yahoo site and post from there.

Only now are posts showing up in the appropriate forums. It's slowly starting to come back for me. At first, it took a couple of hours before the post would appear. Now they are starting to show up more rapidly. Yet, I still can't post to the MaxumDL forum. So it's not all silky smooth._eot

Thanks for listening.

Gregory Gig Harbor, WA.

On 2/2/2018 8:47 AM, 'Joseph Zeglinski' J.Zeglinski@... [ap-gto] wrote:

    I got my post sent back to my Live Mail (ISP in Canada) ...  in “just 4 minutes” between the time I sent it and the time I received it back from this Yahoo group page.
So, Yahoo is running smooth as silk right now, and has generally been the norm, except for last weekend.  Can’t complain.
    You need to look elsewhere for the problem with your Groups Emails exchanges.
Hope this test helped.
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    It is 11:38 AM here,  and I am replying to your post using Microsoft Live Mail “directly” as you said.
– Lets see how quickly this post pops up on this group’s list strictly using emails than a browser to the Yahoo Group site.
    I don’t think it is a Yahoo problem, since I am handling group posts the same ... as you were, before your recent problems.
Perhaps it is something going on at the “” web handler.
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I used to be able to post directly to the group, and all of my groups on Yahoo.  I cannot do this anymore but have to go to the Yahoo website and post from there.  Some of my posts will show up several days later, some will get bounced back with an undelivered message.  In looking at the useless Yahoo help forum, a number of people are all of a sudden having e-mail problems with their Yahoo accounts, similar to what I and seemingly others are experiencing.  I am having not other e-mail problems.

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